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Soil Biological Inoculants

Both AGTIV™ products are a must use in organic systems.

Mycorrhizal inoculants really amplify phosphorus uptake in organic systems when combined with a phosphorous fertilizer. 

In conventional farming systems, these products are beneficial. Particularly on Canola stubble. 

The field crops we service are:

  • Pea
  • Lentil
  • Soybean
  • Cereal
  • Canola Stubble

For pricing and product availability. Call Barry Hicks at +1 (306) 354-7998.

For agronomy and soil science information contact Dale Hicks at 1-306-229-9517 or

Other Soil Inoculants

Limited supplies of straight Rhizobia inoculants for pulses available

Other inoculants Trichoderma (another Mycorrhizal species) and Thiobacillus (speeds up break down of elemental sulphur) are available and coming soon. Call for details. 

About Our Partner, AGTIV

AGTIV™ is an agricultural product line with biological active ingredients, such as mycorrhizae and rhizobium. With stronger growth, higher yields and superior crop quality, you can count on AGTIV™ for better profitability and long term sustainability.

BOS Inoculants

We offer peat and granular inoculants for Peas, Lentils & Faba Beans

BOS Peat & Granular formulations are certified for both conventional and organic production.

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