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Pedigreed Certified Seed

CDC Haymaker Forage Oat

  • Good forage quality with improved digestibility
  • 7& higher forage yield than CDC Baler
  • Tall stature with late maturity

CDC Maverick Forage Barley

  • Smooth awned 2-row feed/forage barley - partner to CDC Cowboy
  • Smooth awn for improved palatability 
  • Tall plant type with top forage/silage yield
  • Well-suited for dry areas or low input production

Precision Durum

  • Good new variety that has shorter straw and fusarium resistant

AAC Wild Fire Winter Wheat

  • Short straw
  • High yield
  • Improved winter hardiness

Hazlet Fall Rye

  • Shorter variety
  • High grain yield
  • Good winter hardiness

SO1 Oats - Specialty Feed Grain

  • High energy grain oat which is suitable for feeding to livestock without the need to roll it or process it
  • Good dual purpose variety

Morgan Oats

  • Older milling oat variety
  • High grain yield

Spring Triticale

  • AC Delight
  • Suitable for green feed and silage
  • Awnless variety
  • Excellent grain yield for harvesting

Millet (proso, red, siberian)

  • Common vetch
  • Annual rye grass
  • Turnips

Intermediate Wheat Grass

Tall Fescue

Duharian Rye

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We offer a full line of seed from SeedNet.

  • Dorado Yellow Flax
    (a new yellow flax variety that is stable and does not produce off-type black seed. Yields similar to brown flax)
  • RedNet Spring Wheat
    (a tall variety with good straw strength, excellent milling quality adn ideal for conventional dry land and organic systems)

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We carry in inventory a wide range of cover crop seeds that are locally suitable.

  • Buckwheat
  • Austrian Winter Pea
  • Black Lentils
  • Tillage Radish
  • Forage Rape
  • Millet 
  • Hairy Vetch

Forage Seeds

  • Tap Root Alfalfa
  • Creeping Root Alfalfa
  • Crested Wheat Grass
  • Smooth Broome
  • Meadow Broome (for grazing)
  • Wheat Grasses
  • Custom Blends
  • Call for more forage types.

We keep all forage types in inventory and also offer custom blending on site.

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